Don't let a summer cold or flu slow you down. Support your immune system with d.velop™*.

d.velop™ can boost your vitamin D levels in just 2 weeks (other vitamin D takes 3 months)*†.

Vitamin D levels drop during the fall, while the risk for colds and flu goes up. It's not just a coincidence. That's why we created the most effective vitamin D available as a supplement†. - Nate Matusheski PhD, Chief Science Officer

With 2 d.velop™ tablets a day, you're supporting healthy*:

- immunity
- bones
- energy levels
- brain function
- muscles
- pregnancy
- blood sugar

Supercharge your immunity

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Track your vitamin D levels

Ever wonder if the vitmains you're taking really work? We get it. Track real before and after vitamin D level results with our test.

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Maintain optimal immunity

Keep momentum up with our app that tracks environmental risk factors and coaches you toward stronger health and immunity with the support of Registered Dietitians.

One key ingredient makes all the difference. And that ingredient is calcifediol.

More than 9 in 10 people don't get enough vitamin D from diet and sunlight alone.

d.velop™ is the only vitamin D supplement made with calcifediol which is absorbed directly into your bloodstream.

This means it’s 3x faster at increasing your vitamin D levels and 3x more effective than conventional vitamin D, helping you meet your immunity goals*†.

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How d.velop™ is different



Works in as little as 14 days to boost vitamin D levels*†

Can take up to 60 days or more to boost vitamin D levels


Made with calcifediol, the easily absorbed form of D your body makes on its own

Made with the conventional form of D that can't be absorbed until it's processed by your liver

Progress tracking

Holistic immunity support with an app to provide you with actionable info on your immunity gaps based on your lifestyle

No ongoing support to make sure you're giving your immune system it's best shot at optimal health

What our customers are saying

After taking the test and finding out I was Vitamin D deficient, I started taking d.velop supplements. My vitamin D. levels had risen within only two weeks.

Juliann N

Taking my d.velop has made me more energetic and feeling better.

Andrew S

I went to a baseball game for the first time after the pandemic due to d.velop. I would not have gone if not for d.velop.

James J