Adult Vitamin D Gummy


A more efficient and delicious way to strengthen your immunity in every season, our new gummies give you all the benefits of the sun in a format that’s easy, healthy, and fun. 


— Guaranteed to raise vitamin D levels in 14 days or your money back

— Faster and more effective than conventional vitamin D*

— Supports a healthy immune system*


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(180 Gummmies) (60 Gummies)

The most effective vitamin D available as a supplement*†

Faster absorbing compared to regular vitamin D*†

What the experts are saying

“Vitamin D is a foundational immune system nutrient. It’s important that we assess our supplemental needs as we look to stay healthy year round.”

Registered Dietitian,
Chloe Giraldi, MS, RD, LDN

“More than 9 in 10 people don't get enough vitamin D from food alone. That's why we created the most effective vitamin D available as a supplement.”

Chief Science Officer,
Nate Matusheski PhD

"With so much misinformation out there, especially online, I think it's invaluable that users have access to an RD to help navigate how to improve their immune health in a way that is tailored specifically to them."

Registered Dietitian,
Laura Ward, MS, RDN, LDN, IBCLC

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The science behind d.velop™

The vitamin D used in d.velop™ is a special form, called calcifediol (kal'' sif e dye' ol). That's the form of vitamin D found naturally in your blood. This means your vitamin D levels increase 3x faster than with regular vitamin D3.*† Given the importance of vitamin D for immune health, there are real benefits to optimizing your vitamin D levels quickly!*

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