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Holistic Immunity 101: the d.velop™ Advantage

The reason d.velop™ works so much better than regular vitamin D supplements is because there are actually a few different types of vitamin D found in nature. The form of vitamin D found in some foods, called “calcifediol," is the kind your body uses to maintain a strong immune system.

Because there are only trace amounts of calcifediol in food, your body creates additional calcifediol itself, using another form of vitamin D called “cholecalciferol” which it gets from the sun’s UV rays or through regular vitamin D supplements. Your liver processes this cholecalciferol form of vitamin D into the calcifediol form your body uses. It works, but along the way some vitamin D becomes trapped in body fat. That’s why regular vitamin D supplements take months to bring up your vitamin D levels. They’re inefficient.

Since d.velop™ provides ready-to-use calcifediol like the kind of vitamin D found naturally in fish and eggs, it’s ready for immediate absorption right into your bloodstream, where it can be delivered throughout the body. 

Plus, with the free d.velop™ app, you can identify and repair other gaps in your immunity, beyond vitamin D.

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What’s calcifediol?

Let’s talk science. Calcifediol (kal'' sif e dye' ol), also known as 25-hydroxy vitamin D under the ampli-D™ brand, is the form of vitamin D that naturally circulates in your body. We often don’t get enough of it through diet and the sun. And, regular vitamin D supplements don’t provide calcifediol. They are actually vitamin D3, or cholecalciferol, which must be processed by the liver, creating the calcifediol that circulates in the blood. Since calcifediol, the form of vitamin D in d.velop™, doesn’t need to be processed by the liver, it can be absorbed right into the bloodstream and throughout your body. That's why calcifediol is 3x more effective for raising vitamin D levels when compared to regular vitamin D on an equal microgram (mcg) basis.*† It can help you reach recommended levels of vitamin D in days instead of months compared to regular vitamin D3.*†

Is calcifediol safe?
Although d.velop™ is the first dietary supplement that contains this type of vitamin D, it’s actually found naturally in meats, eggs and cod liver oil. Because it’s a naturally-occurring form of vitamin D that your body already makes, calcifediol is safe when used as suggested.

How does calcifediol work?
Before vitamin D from food, supplements, and the sun can raise our vitamin D levels, it must be converted to calcifediol by the liver, which takes time. d.velop™ vitamin D is already calcifediol, so it can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. When doctors and scientists measure your D levels, they check the levels of calcifediol in your bloodstream to determine if you’re in a healthy range.

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