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Power up your immune system*

d.velop’s immunity health system works fast to achieve optimal vitamin D levels.*

Total immune support*†

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3x more effective*†

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Absorbs quickly*†

How d.velop is different



Works in as little as 14 days to boost vitamin D levels*†

Can take up to 60 days or more to boost vitamin D levels


Made with calcifediol, the easily absorbed form of D your body makes on its own*†

Made with the conventional form of D that can’t be absorbed until it's processed by your liver


Subscription includes easy, accurate home tests that show how your levels improve

No way to know if your supplement is working without expensive lab work


Starts working fast, so you get the most boost for your buck

May have to buy several bottles before seeing any improvement

Supercharged and feeling good

Immunity is more important than ever, especially as we continue to support our health through the COVID-19 pandemic..supplemental nutrition is a big part of this equation

Certified Dietitian Nutritionist,
Melissa Rifkin, MS RD CDN

Taking my d.velop has made me more energetic and feeling better

Customer from NJ,
Andrew S

The directions were easy to follow and the test kit worked better than I would have expected.

Customer from CT,
Amanda C

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Meet your unique needs

Everybody is different. Check your vitamin D levels with our easy home test kits, and download the app for comprehensive health advice designed just for you.

Vitamin D levels drop during the fall, while the risk for colds and flu goes up. It's not just a coincidence. That's why we created the most effective vitamin D available as a supplement†. - Nate Matusheski PhD, Chief Science Officer

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3x more effective than other vitamin D supplements*†

It’s true: d.velop is the only supplement made with calcifediol. Clinical studies show that this form of D—which is the same form your body makes on its own—is more effective and more easily absorbed.*† Learn more about the science behind d.velop.