Take your vitamin D to new heights.

Take your vitamin D
to new heights.

d.velop™ Vitamin D improves vitamin D levels in as little as two weeks*†

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d.velop™ vitamin D.

The only supplement made with calcifediol

Calcifediol is a naturally-occuring form of vitamin D that is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, making it 3x faster and more effective than traditional Vitamin D supplements.*†

d.velop™ ImmunityPlus

For additional immunity support*

Our exclusive vitamin D to boost immune health*

Vitamin C to combat oxidative stress

Zinc to help immune cells communicate

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How d.velop is different



Boost your vitamin D levels in as little as 14 days*†

Others Can take months to raise vitamin D levels.


d.velop™ is the only supplement that delivers calcifediol, the same form of vitamin D that circulates naturally in your blood.

Others Include conventional forms of vitamin D that need to be broken down by the liver.


A test kit lets you measure your vitamin D baseline and track your progress.

Others Don't test vitamin D levels or educate on proper supplementation.


Reaching and maintaining vitamin D levels in an optimal range supports immunity.

Others You pay for months of supplements without knowing if you are getting the amount of vitamin D to meet you needs or benefit your health.

Why experts go with d.velop

“Vitamin D is a foundational immune system nutrient. It’s important that we assess our supplemental needs as we look to stay healthy year round.”

Registered Dietitian,
Chloe Giraldi, MS, RD, LDN

“More than 9 in 10 people don't get enough vitamin D from food alone. That's why we created the most effective vitamin D available as a supplement.”

Chief Science Officer,
Nate Matusheski PhD

"With so much misinformation out there, especially online, I think it's invaluable that users have access to an RD to help navigate how to improve their immune health in a way that is tailored specifically to them."

Registered Dietitian,
Laura Ward, MS, RDN, LDN, IBCLC

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We recommend that you take d.velop™ on a daily basis, alongside food. You might find taking d.velop at the same time each day helps you get in the habit. Remember, dietary supplements are not intended to replace a healthy diet, but they can help support one!
Clinical studies have shown that ampli-D® can achieve optimal vitamin D status (30ng/mL), on average 3X faster, and is 3X more effective compared to the same mcg dose of traditional vitamin D3.
d.velop™ products are as safe as other vitamin D products for pregnant and lactating women. However, we recommend that you consult with your doctor before using or continuing to use d.velop™ and any other dietary supplement if you are nursing, pregnant, trying to conceive, or taking medication.