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d.velop™ Vitamin D Lab Test Kit: Best Practices and Common Questions

d.velop™ Vitamin D Lab Test Kit: Best Practices and Common Questions

We want you to see how well d.velop™ works for yourself. Our simple at-home test kit includes two tests to help you understand your current vitamin D deficit and then track your progress as you reach recommended levels — which can happen in as few as 14 days. †  


Best Practices


Making sure you get your results   

First, be sure to register your Vitamin D Test Kit in the d.velop™ app; otherwise, the delivery of your result will be delayed. To register your results, tap the Person icon on the home page. Then tap “Add a Test” and scan your Sample Collection Card barcode with your phone camera.  

Be sure the name, date of birth, and email you write on the lab test collection card match the information in your d.velop™ app. You can double-check by reviewing your Personal Information under Settings (Person Icon on the Home page) in the app. 


Collecting a great sample   

BEFORE pricking your finger, remove  all the components from the small plastic bag. 


When you have completed the finger prick, collect three total blood samples onto the collection card for your vitamin D Test. The center dashed circle is your sizing guide. Collect one sample of blood in the dashed circle on the center of your collection card, and then two more samples of blood (one drop on each side to the left and right of the center dashed circle). 


Sending off your collection card 

Once you have taken the test, allow the blood to dry on the collection card with the flap open for a few minutes. Place the sample card into the plastic bag and seal the bag. 


Place your sealed bag in the prepaid envelope, then mail the same day.   Sending the same day is key, as the lab can process tests within 28 days of the collection day.


If the lab receives a collection card after 28 days of collection, the card cannot be processed since the results cannot be guaranteed valid. We understand that life happens. In these cases, the d.velop™ Customer Care Team will notify the customer and send out a replacement test kit for recollection.


Common Questions


When will I get my results?


You can expect to get your labs results approximately 5 business days after the lab receives your Vitamin D Collection Card in the mail. Most customers receive lab results about 10 business days after mailing their Vitamin D Lab Test Collection Card. Please note this result delivery is dependent upon shipping carrier operations.    


Can I give  one of my  test kits  to a  friend,  family, my child(ren), etc.?   


We love your generous spirit!  But we recommend that you use both Vitamin D Tests provided for yourself. This ensures that you will have the best understanding of your vitamin D levels before and after taking d.velop™ as recommended.  

Friends and family can purchase a separate Vitamin D Test Kit or product subscription from our website. Also, check out our Family Bundle options here.   

Our Vitamin D Tests are appropriate for use by adults 18 years of age and older.



There is only one dot on my collection card, but am I supposed to collect three samples of blood?  


Yes, that is correct, you need to collect three drops of blood for the Vitamin D Test. The gray dashed circle is your size guide to ensure you provide enough of a sample for processing but not too much. 

Collect one drop of blood in the dashed circle on the center of your collection card, and then two more drops of blood (one drop on each side to the left and right of the center dashed circle) using the center dashed circle as a sizing guide. 


I forgot to register my collection card! Can I still get my results? 


Life happens. If you forgot to register your collection card in the d.velop™ app, you will receive an email with instructions on how to view your results. The email will be sent to the email address written on the collection card and is sent when your results are ready.  In the meantime, be sure to have the d.velop™ app downloaded on your mobile device and reach out to your d.velop™ coach with any additional questions.


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