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Your Guide to the d.velop™ app

Your Guide to the d.velop™  app

Take advantage of the multiple functions of the free d.velop™ app. The app provides easy access to your vitamin D lab test results, the ability to track your immune status, access to chat with Registered Dietitians, and a large resource library to provide you with education, as you gain control of your immune health.


What’s available in the app?


Immune Score

Our unique Immune Score is calculated based on key lifestyle categories that help build your immunity. These categories include Nutrition, Sleep, Activity and Lifestyle. 

Ways to increase your Immune Score: 

    • Explore and cook something from our extensive recipe database to increase important immune system boosting nutrients. Get more sleep, and adjust the number of hours you slept last night
    • Get outside for some exercise to increase your Activity category
    • Try to stop smoking and decrease the number of alcoholic drinks consumed per day
    • Connect your FitBit or AppleHealth to automatically sync your Sleep and Activity!


Vitamin D Lab Test Registration and Results

The  icon will help guide you to register your new Vitamin D lab test or view your pending and completed results. Remember:  always register your vitamin D lab tests here before completing the blood spot in the at-home test kit and mailing it to the lab. Learn more about best practice when taking your test here.

(Free!) Registered Dietitian Coach Support

The   icon is your own personal chat access to a Registered Dietitian! Registered Dietitian coaches are available throughout the day to support your diet, supplementation, and lifestyle questions. Chat with a coach for guidance, or feedback related to your health, immune system, lifestyle, and vitamin D so that you can get the most out of your d.velop™ supplement. 


Articles and Recipes

The  icon is your personalized resource library. Here you will have immediate access to a variety of evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle-related articles that play a role in your health, immunity, and vitamin D. You can also access your own extensive library of recipes that are personalized based on what you’ve told us about your diet and lifestyle!


d.velop™ products

The   icon is our d.velop™ store where you can explore the different d.velop™ products.

Learn more about: 

    • d.velop™ Vitamin D
    • d.velop™ ImmunityPlus
    • d.velop™ Kids Vitamin D Gummies
    • d.velop™ Vitamin D Test Kit   

    Opt for the subscription to make ordering easier so you can continue to maintain optimal vitamin D levels no matter the time of year or changes in your health and lifestyle. You can manage your subscription online at



    The  icon on the home screen is where you can update your profile, sync your FitBit or AppleHealth device with the d.velop™ app and read supplement facts for the d.velop™ products. 

    Download the free d.velop™ app now and start optimizing your immune health*. If you have questions, review our FAQS or reach out to customer support via




    Jen Hatz MS, RD, CSSD, LDN, CSCS 

    Nicole Kuleszka, MS

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