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Pro-Tips for Packing School Lunch

Pro-Tips for Packing School Lunch

Time to head back to school and establish healthy routines for all. One of the biggest things is figuring out what your kids are going to eat for lunch, specifically if you’re needing or choosing to pack. To jump start your planning, our d.velop™ Registered Dietitian coaches have compiled a few ideas for you! 

Bento Boxes: Think of the five food groups as you or your child put together a Bento Box. Mix and match one choice from each food group to create a colorful lunch: 

  • Fruit: Strawberries, clementine, grapes or an unsweetened applesauce pouch 
  • Vegetable: Mini peppers, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes or snap peas 
  • Protein: Low sodium deli turkey, shelled edamame, roasted chickpeas, hard-boiled eggs, leftover grilled chicken, a lean jerky stick, a tuna packet or bean salad 
  • Grain: Rice cake, pita pocket, high fiber wrap or whole grain crackers 
  • Dairy: Cheese stick, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt or cup of milk 

Lazy Leftovers: Last night’s dinner can often be transformed into lunch, for example: 

  • Pack leftover soup in a stay hot thermos and top with some shredded cheese 
  • Toss leftover spiral pasta in light Italian dressing and add some mozzarella balls and cherry tomatoes 
  • Top a salad with leftover shrimp or chicken 
  • Create an English muffin pizza with leftover spaghetti sauce 

Super Sandwiches: Building a sandwich is quick, easy and can be a great way to involve your kids!  

  • Spread sunflower butter and low sugar jam on whole grain bread 
  • Throw leftover grilled chicken into a whole grain wrap with light Caesar dressing, lettuce, and Parmesan cheese 
  • Fill pita pockets with hummus, cucumber, lettuce, and deli meat 

 Need more ideas? Check out the Recipes under the Nutrition tab now



Elizabeth May, MHSc, RDN, LDN

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