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How We Determine Your Immune Score

How We Determine Your Immune Score

What is the Immune Score? 

We built the Immune Score* to help guide healthy lifestyle changes that can support your overall immune health. We know you’ve probably heard it all before - “eat healthy, move more, reduce your alcohol intake” - the list goes on! Truth is, we already know there are many areas of our lives that we can improve to be healthier, however we want to help YOU focus on what matters the most, in ways that make sense for your daily routine. Our Registered Dietitian coaches can help make recommendations and work with you on a plan to improve your daily habits.  

What changes my Immune Score? 

Your immune score is influenced by four focus areas that were selected based on how they influence your day to day immune health. Nutrition, Sleep, Activity and Lifestyle.  

How many points is each focus area worth? 

Nutrition (50 points):  

Studies have shown that the average American does not meet the daily recommended needs for some of the nutrients that affect immune health such as vitamins A, C, D, E, and zinc (Reider et al, 2020). We give start you off with 20 points as a baseline, then we recommend a balance of food and supplements to meet your needs and will help you customize a routine that works for you! No one is perfect, so it is important to understand how you are filling in any nutrient gaps in your diet (such as by using dietary supplements). (Data – National Center for Health Statistics, 2015). 

For full points, aim to have three meals a day, and log any supplements you are taking (vitamins A, C, D, E, and zinc) to help your body get the nutrients you need to thrive. Add color to your plate with fruits, veggies and grains.  

Sleep (20 points): 

It is important to get enough sleep daily in order to support how the immune system functions and fights off “invaders”. Aim to meet a goal of at least 7 hours of sleep per night to earn full points for sleep. Need help relaxing? Our coaches can provide tips and tricks for a restful sleep environment.  

Activity (20 points): 

Aim for 30 minutes of movement per day to meet the goals recommended for the best health and wellness. Regular daily movement supports the function of our immune system (Nieman and Wentz 2019).   

Lifestyle (10 points): 

Smoking (5 points) - You’ll notice your points will take a dip if you select that you smoke/vape tobacco products. Quit smoking? You can earn those points back! We always recommend speaking with your doctor about ways to quit. (Raatz et al, 2017).  

Alcohol Intake (5 points) - Scores will drop if more than 2 drinks per day are logged for women and if more than 3 drinks per day are logged for men. (Romeo et al, 2007). 

 *It is important to note that the d.velop™ Immune Score is meant to help guide healthy habits for immune health practices around nutrition, sleep, activity and lifestyle, and is not meant to show risk of contracting illness or propensity for disease.


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