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Nutrition Basics - Getting the Most to Fuel the Day

Nutrition Basics - Getting the Most to Fuel the Day

Locking in sustainable nutrition habits can be the difference between a good day, and a great one. Our dietitians have curated our top five tips to getting the most out of your nutrition every day.  


  1. Eat meals and snacks regularly – We recommend breaking down your eating times to occur every few hours based on your schedule. This helps your body (including your brain) use the energy from food more efficiently. How many meals and snacks? This can vary from person to person, or even day to day. We generally would recommend three meals and two snacks per day in order to get what you need, when you need it! 
  2. Hydrate with water – Maintaining fluid intake throughout the day allows your body to have a constant supply that can support the blood, remove waste, and replace any fluid lost through sweat. Feelings of fatigue may be related to poor hydration, so we recommend having a glass of water alongside your meals and keeping a water bottle with you throughout the day.  
  3. Balance your plate – Eating balanced nutrients supports your immune health, digestion, daily energy levels and more. Include multiple food groups such as whole grain carbohydrates (whole wheat products, barley, brown rices), lean proteins (fish, chicken, pork tenderloin, turkey, tofu), fruits/vegetables and healthy sources of fats (plant-based oils, avocados, nuts/seeds).  
  4. Listen to your body – What does it feel like when you get hungry? Some feelings might be stomach rumbling, crankiness, low energy, headaches, dizziness, weakness. When you experience any of these, we recommend grabbing something to eat! If time is tight, we’d suggest a “paired” snack that pairs fiber-filled carbohydrates + lean protein. 
  5. Take inventory of sleep and movement habits – In order to do the best, it can for your body, good nutrition should be supported with restful sleep and regular movement. Check in on these habits, how do you feel? Start by creating your own sleep “oasis” as a restful night-time environment and aiming to move your body each hour to start.   


Which tip are you going to try first?  

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